Tournament Rules

Tournament Format


A 1000 man tournament is played and Clash with Ash will be streaming this on Clash Royale Prime Time every Wednesday!


Each week, players will award the following points to contestants.
Rank Points
1st 23
2nd 22
3rd 21
4th 20
5th 19
6-10th 18
11-20th 17
21-30th 16
31-40th 15
41-50th 14
51-60th 13
61-70th 12
71-80th 11
81-90th 10
91-100th 9
101-150th 8
151-200th 7
201-250th 6
251-300th 5
301-350th 4
351-400th 3
401-450th 2
451-500th 1

Daily tournament passwords and information will be shared via Clash with Ash Twitter. Special thanks to Brent Chong for sponsoring for the community!!!!

– No cheating in any way will be tolerated. If a player is caught trying to trade wins in an obvious way they will be banned from the tournaments and their points forfeited.
– Tournament standard rules (as seen in game)
– During the Final 50 Tournament password will be given out to each player individually and changed 49 times until all players are locked in. This will allow us to control who joins and when.
– The top 8 will challenge for $2000!