CWA Champions Cup Season 2

Ended March 29th 2017

Season 2 CWA Championship is here! Clash with Ash will be hosting it once again and this time it is a 1000 man tournament! Check out the tournament details here if you are not familiar with it yet!

Note: Esley gets 30 points since IF YOU was a sponsored account played by Esley for week 1. Confirmed by Clash with Ash himself.

Note: We are not affiliated with SuperCell.
These are tournaments that are unofficially held by Clash Strategist.

CWA Champions Cup

Season 1

Welcome to the CWA Champions Cup Season 1! The final top 50 on the leaderboard at the end of the 13 day tournament gets to compete for the 1st to 5th place for more cool prizes!

You will get to choose the option of receiving payment via Paypal, iTunes or Google Play gift card.